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  • ABR Standard

    ABR Standard

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    Room facilities:*1 Queen-size Bed, *Air-Conditioned, *Bathroom, *Cable TV, *Dresser, *Free Toiletries

  • ABR Deluxe

    ABR Deluxe

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    Room facilities:*2 Queen-size Beds, *Air-Conditioned, *Bathroom, *Cable TV, *Dresser, *Free Toiletries


Agbing Beach Resort is a beachfront accommodation in White Beach which has been catering to budget-conscious travelers since the early 90s. Being at the beachfront means one can easily go to the numerous open-air bars, souvenir shops, tattoo shops which are all at a short distance from the resort. It is situated between VM Beach Resort and Marco Vincent’s bar and restaurant.

Agbing Beach Resort rates are one of the most competitive in the area while its facilities remain in high standard. The rooms are widely sought because of 2 qualities, one, because they are spacious – rooms can accommodate up to 6 pax – and two, because of the kitchen which allows guests to cook their own food.

Agbing Beach Resort also has a parking space at the back and offers Filipino family hospitality at its finest.

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  • +Grilling Station
  • +Parking
  • +Room Service
  • +Souvenir Shop
  • +Standby Generator