Combo Tour


  1. Tour Guide
  2. Jeepney Ride
  3. Outrigger Boat Ride
  4. Gears: Snorkel, Life Vest
  5. Small Banca Guide
  6. Entrance Fees
  7. BBQ Picnic at the beach

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  1. Guests are given a brief SAFETY/ TOUR lecture before departure.
  2. Guests ride Jeepney.  Ride takes them up the mountain to Ponderosa Golf Club.
  3. Guests are taken to the Town Proper.
  4. Guests ride an Outrigger Boat at Muelle Pier that takes them around Puerto Galera Bay.
  5. Guests snorkel at the Coral Garden with guide boats.
  6. Guests have BBQ Picnic at the beach.